ADB Board set to discuss the Energy Policy working paper

The working paper for the proposed new Energy Policy is scheduled on the Board agenda for 6 September. After almost one year, 28 consultations with external stakeholders consisting of civil society organizations, energy experts, and other organizations, 8 meetings with government capitals, and 4 meetings with some of the members of the Board, the W-Paper for the new Energy Policy has been prepared based on the updates made on the initial draft in May that incorporated the feedback and outcomes of the consultations conducted.
The W-Paper that was circulated to the Board strived to achieve a balanced presentation of the analysis of the current state of affairs in the energy sector, the rationale for the update, and the direction to which ADB intends to bring the sector in the coming years. The W-Paper that will be discussed by the Board, consolidated the common stance of stakeholders and shareholders as well as struck a middle ground in the areas where their views diverge.
It is hoped that this Board discussion will help facilitate a consensus toward arriving at a new Energy Policy that is responsive and mindful of the needs of ADB DMCs, bold in its stance against climate change, clear and firm in its strategy to guide the transition of Asia and the Pacific to clean energy.
The outcome and feedback that will emanate from the Board discussion on Monday will set the stage for the preparation and finalization of the R-Paper, which is scheduled for Board Approval on 26 October.


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