Regional Workshop on Green and Low Carbon Hydrogen Energy

The objective of the workshop is to improve developing member countries’ (DMCs) and ADB’s knowledge and understanding of hydrogen technologies, markets, solutions, legal, regulatory environment, financing and incentive mechanisms. This is 2nd workshop organized by ADB and held in Tokyo, Japan this time. It will be a good opportunity to learn actual application of Hydrogen technology from public organizations and private companies in Japan that is one of leading countries to promote hydrogen economy, and other countries as well. This workshop will focuson following specific areas: (i) H2 Refueling Station and Fuel Cell Vehicle (ii) Accelerating H2 Energy Deployment The workshop will enable DMC officials and ADB staff to understand above and to promote appropriate hydrogen projects in DMCs in the future. 1. In parallel, the 16th World Smart Energy Week will be held in Tokyo on 26 to 28 February, and the event showcases many kinds of technologies and products related to hydrogen & fuel cell, battery, smart grid, renewable energies, thermal power etc. The workshop includes a field day to participate in the event. (Note: This is for DMC officials only, scheduled on 28th Feb.) 2. The participants of the workshop will include i) officials from selected DMCs (about 15); ii) Technology experts/resource persons (about 15); iii) Local stakeholders and members of ADB “Friends of Hydrogen” (about 10); iv)ADB staff (about 10).

ADB Energy Sector Group (ESG) as part of its work plan and program advocates the deployment of clean and sustainable energy, improving energy efficiency and energy access technologies by facilitating its wider technology application, raising awareness, encouraging policy and regulatory incentives to minimize the risks and lower costs of advanced technology development.

Hydrogen has the potential to be the next breakthrough energy source but key challenges need to be overcome before it can be scaled up to widespread use. Developing countries could be at
the forefront of this new “hydrogen economy”. In Japan, as part of its “3E+S” (energy security, economic efficiency and environmental protection, plus safety) energy policy, the government formulated the world’s first 21st century hydrogen strategy in December 2017, with the aim of establishing a “hydrogen economy” by 2050.

Event Details

February 26, 2020 9:00AM, Wednesday
February 27, 2020 9:00AM, Thursday
ADBI Conference Room and ADB Japan Representative Office
Tokyo, Japan Tokyo 0000

Low-Carbon Hydrogen Energy



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