Smart Cities Workshop: Smart Multi Energy Systems

This workshop aims to educate policy makers and technology adopters on the complexities and benefits of "smart" system-of-system level solutions for the energy sector.

Singapore organizes a Capacity Building Programme, in conjunction with its participation in the Astana EXPO - 2017. The Smart Cities Workshop: Smart Multi Energy Systems is the first out of 7 individual workshops under the Programme. Supported by the Singapore Government, these workshops will be conducted by the Sustainable Energy Centre of Excellence (SECOE), an initiative of the Sustainable Energy Association of Singapore (SEAS), supported by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and International Enterprise Singapore.

There has been a push in the last decade across both the developed and developing world to develop "smart cities," which can enhance the quality of life for their growing urban populations. To support the development of these "smart cities," a robust energy system is required to ensure the continuous and uninterrupted provision of other key essentials such as healthcare, education, transport, security, and accessibility to water. There is an emerging trend in the usage of intelligent devices, which are employed to imbue 'smart' elements into the production, transportation and consumption of energy. This process has been driven by the advent of information and communication technologies.

In this workshop, participants will comprehensively discuss the technical, policy, and commercial aspects of considering an intelligent energy system as part of the national landscape. It will also touch on Singapore's experience in building a smart multi energy system within the context of a smart nation. In addition, participants will learn about the global efforts around smart cities and the key pre-requisites and enables (i.e. technical and policy) to ensure the benefits of the investment in such infrastructure will be appropriately realised.

Event Details

June 07, 2017 4:30PM, Wednesday
June 10, 2017 5:00PM, Saturday
Astana EXPO - 2017
Astana 20000

Energy Efficiency

Policy and Regulation

Energy Access

Nor Azlyn Supingi
[email protected]

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