About the Initiative

The Asian Development Bank's (ADB) Energy for All Initiative began as a response to persistent, widespread energy poverty in the developing countries of Asia and the Pacific region. By improving ADB’s ability to support energy access solutions, and through activities including project development, investment facilitation, and spreading best practices, Energy for All helped ADB increase its investments in energy access to new heights.

Energy for All focuses on community-level interventions and their ability to be scaled and replicated across the region. This includes incubating and developing social enterprises that provide the poor the energy services they need, developing mini and micro grid scale renewable and hybrid energy solutions to reach off-grid communities, and working with partners for greater results.

Energy for All's work to address energy poverty is part of a regional and global imperative. Accessible, affordable and reliable energy improves the lives of the poor by easing their daily burdens, and increasing their economic opportunities. The poor deserve better energy options than kerosene lamps and open fires. But reaching them – especially those communities beyond the limits of national energy grids – requires understanding their wants, needs and financial capabilities.

Energy for All Partnership - In collaboration with like-minded organizations, ADB formed the Energy for All Partnership and brought new and improved connections to electricity and modern fuels to more than 100 million people between 2008 and 2015. The Partnership's new goal is to double its energy access impact by providing modern energy access to 200 million people by 2020.

Sustainable Energy for All - ADB's pioneering efforts in the energy access sector have led it to a partnership with the United Nations' initiative to ensure global access to affordable, reliable and sustainable energy - Sustainable Energy for All (SEforAll). ADB has a prominent and leading role in implementing SEforAll's activities in the region as host of the Asia-Pacific Regional Hub.

Energy for All has spurred ADB to new levels of financial and technical support for increasing energy access, and its work continues.