Saahas Zero Waste

Saahas Zero Waste (SZW) is a socio-environmental enterprise that believes in a circular economy, where all waste is converted to resources. Registered in 2013, SZW is recognised as a Startup by the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion, Government of India. At Saahas Zero Waste, we leverage Nature, People and Technology to holistically manage waste. Through the Zero Waste Programme we operate on-site solutions for bulk waste generators including tech parks and residential complexes. For smaller waste generators, we offer holistic waste management which includes collection and process at our units, Kasa Rasa. Our focus is to help our clients become zero waste entities with emphasis on segregation at source. In the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) program, we partner with packaging companies and E-Waste producers to develop and implement a reverse logistics mechanism that facilitates in bringing back large volumes of post-consumer waste into the recycling chain. As a part of the 'closing the loop' initiative, SZW offer products made from waste including compost and a range of other recycled products like roofing sheets, chipboards, stationary items. With over 15 years of domain expertise and a perfect blend of senior team of experts and an excited young team, SZW currently manages 25 Tons of waste per day across Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad. SZW also supports livelihood at the base of the pyramid for our field staff with emphasis on health and safety.


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