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SunFarmer Nepal Pvt. Ltd is a social enterprise, which is a subsidiary of SunFarmer USA, a US non-profit social enterprise based in New York, USA. SunFarmer USA’s model is to launch locally-run, for-profit solar energy businesses in the developing world; we train local staff and equip them with the tools and knowledge to implement reliable and affordable solar technologies. We launched our first solar business in Nepal in early 2014, and have since built world-class solar energy systems at over 200 - hospitals, schools, farms and businesses throughout Nepal.

Solar is the ideal energy solution for Nepal: it is more reliable than the grid, more cost effective than diesel, and cleaner for the environment. At SunFarmer, our mission is to set the standards needed to make solar the first choice for energy by implementing high quality and cost-effective solar projects across Nepal.

We are also working with all stakeholders in the industry – technology providers, installers, banks, government, and NGOs – to develop and enforce the performance and safety standards needed to make solar a cost-effective long-term investment for businesses and communities.

In December 2015, SunFarmer launched our Agriculture Program to bring solar-powered irrigation technology to farmers in Nepal. SunFarmer since then has developed and implemented innovative business models, where farmers pay a modest upfront payment after which, SunFarmer installs a world-class solar-powered irrigation system. The farmers then pay for solar-powered irrigation in affordable monthly installments, provided the system continues to perform according to SunFarmer’s guarantee and gradually gain the ownership of the system at the end of the payment cycle.


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Last Update November 23, 2017

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Solar PV Consulting

We provide a wide range of services for Solar PV consulting and project implementation. We have experience of implementing projects for UNPD, Alternative Energy Promotion Center, ICIMOD, Practical Action, etc.

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Solar PV Megawatt Development

We have experience in conducting studies for the development of megawatt-scale solar PV plants. We have partnered with Mott MacDonald and Dolma Foundation for these studies

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Off-Grid Solar PV Systems

Off-grid Solar PV System is a solar electricity system with battery backup. We have the experience of implementing one of the largest Off-Grid Solar PV Systems in Nepal, which is the 100 kWp at Byalpata Hospital.