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LEDsafari SA based out of Lausanne, Switzerland is targeting solar education and training in schools and higher education institutes in India, Africa and Europe. The Company has developed DIY solar kits and training around it. Using these kits, one can make solar lamps and mobile chargers. The kit consists of electronic components and training modules that cover topics such as solar technology, recycling and design that revolves around lamp creation. The target users of LEDsafari kits are school children and the youth. The solar lamp is an educational tool that teachers can use to teach students about solar energy, recycling, design and innovation. There are different types of lamps (0.5 - 5 Watts) available. LEDsafari strives to become the market leader for solar DIY technology. It is foreseeing to develop plug and play solar home systems and microgrid systems.
What problem are you trying to solve? Who has this problem?
Around 1.2 billion people live without electricity mainly in South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa and spend around $27 billion on charging their mobiles and lighting with kerosene, candles, battery torches etc. Access to electricity improves health, education, economic development, and overall quality of life. Distributed solar energy systems continue to play an increasing role in proving energy access to this population. It has started with a simple solar lamp, move to solar home system, then to mini grid, to community scale micro-grid to on-grid as shown below. According to a recent report, 89 million people has at least one solar lighting product and one in three off grid household will use solar by 2020.
Value Proposition
LEDsafari has a variety of solar products that are appealing to the following target groups: 1. Primary and Secondary Schools with hands-on solar education as part of their science and design class, 2. Higher education institutes/vocational training to trail solar technicians and workers, 3. NGOs/Government that train grassroots people in solar technology to inspire entrepreneurship. LEDsafari's solar kits, the "solar-brick" and "solar in a box," imparts an innovative pedagogical approach for training concepts of solar technology in schools and in the institute level. A blended study programme - combining online and hands-on training - ensures that end users are not only made cognizant about solar energy, but also made adept at handling electrical components. Owing to these strengths, LEDsafari kits are in demand across the globe as a tool for learning and a vehicle to bring solar energy access to the masses. In 2016, LEDsafari's founders invested USD100,000. The company sold 10,000 units that year. They aim to sell 0.5 million kits by 2021. The social and environmental impacts are considerable and LEDsafari would like to scale its approach globally to maximize these impacts. LEDsafari is looking for equity financing of USD 0.5 million for its expansion.
  • The training component on solar energy builds capabilities and creates interest and opportunities for entrepreneurship.
  • The solar kits provides access to clean energy to the masses and builds their capacity to maintain their own units.
  • The solar kits introduces the concept and technology of solar energy to the youth.
  • Kerosene will be displaced by using solar lamps.
Govinda Upadhyay, CEO

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