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Agnisumukh is an award-winning startup from Bangalore, India. It is a pioneer in manufacturing energy efficient cookstoves for commercial kitchens that works across gas fuels (LPG, Natural Gas, Bio-Gas or any combustible gas). The burner produces uniform radiant heat similar to charcoal emitting far infra-red rays that is flameless, smokeless and noiseless. The thermal efficiency of conventional gas burners under IS 14612 is between 30-45%. LPG Equipment Research Center, a joint undertaking of oil majors in India (IOCL, BPCL and HPCL) have tested and certified Agnisumukh burner?â????s thermal efficiency to between 65-69%. The temperature produced by Agnisumukh's burners can go beyond 1000?Â?°Celsius within a short period of time regardless of the fuel used. It is a potentially disruptive technology innovation when applied beyond cooking as heating is valuable across many industries. Preserving nutrition in food, sanitation of pots and pans, safety, and water conservation are some of the big challenges in commercial kitchens while carbon soot, extreme heat, and fuel wastage are creating more problems. Agnisumukh's radiant heat burners completely addresses these issues. Milestones achieved to date: ?â???¢ Created a Corporate office & Factory in Bangalore, and Branch Offices at Trivandrum, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune and Delhi. ?â???¢ Created a new production facility to earn the potential revenue of $ 6 million. ?â???¢ Domestic stove manufacturing agreement with LPG Equipment Research Centre ?â???¢ Joint collaboration with International Advance Research Centre for radiant heat burners. ?â???¢ Gold Medal in DST- Lockheed Martin India Innovation Growth Programme 2015. ?â???¢ National Winner in Global Cleantech Innovation Programme 2015 ?â???¢ Shortlisted as Top 50 Innovations under IIGP 2.0 for the new innovation titled ?â????Internal Combustion on Natural Air Draught Through Radiant Heat Burners Across Gas Fuels?â???? ?â???¢ Bagged PAN India contract with ITC Hotels. Execute several Projects for Infosys, Apollo Hospitals, Radisson Blu etc.
What problem are you trying to solve? Who has this problem?
Carbon soot & extreme heat are creating problems in commercial kitchens. Preserving food nutrients, keeping pots and pans clean, fuel and water efficiency, daily maintenance of burners and exhaust systems are other big challenges. The blue flame commercial gas burners creates these problems due to pressurized heat at the center of cook pot where food moisture gets used up and food gets burnt. The low thermal efficiency of the burner system heats up the kitchen space making it inconvenient for kitchen workers.This problem is magnified in large commercial kitchens, industrial canteens, hospitals, hotels & restaurants, and caterers.
Value Proposition
Agnisumukh's innovative burners addresses the challenges in commercial kitchens as it: - preserves food nutrition - prevents formation of carbon soot - has higher thermal efficiency (69%) compared to conventional burners - is safer because it lowers gas pressure - improves water efficiency in cooking by 50% - reduces fuel consumption by 30% - produces lower ambient heat. Agnisumukh burners are the only burner system in the market that operates on all gas fuels with certified energy efficient track record. There is huge demand across the industry for energy efficient burners, but the company have prioritized to expand into niche market segments. The use of natural gas and Bio-Gas has been expanding and still an untapped market. Agnisumukh's burners may be used in these more alternative types of fuels producing larger sources of revenues. Agnisumukh with its cutting edge technology in industrial and domestic heating application across gas fuels are not only different but disruptive as well. This energy efficient device can unite all classes of existing gas burners on a single integrated platform
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 10,000,000 Tonnes of Carbon Dioxide per year.
  • Increase in green cover by 450 million trees
  • Improve rural health and reduce pressure on forests
  • Decline in the death rate and improved quality of life
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