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Wed, 10/18/2017 - 17:23

NRG Solutions is a social enterprise that provides a range of solar energy solutions across Cambodia. Its mission is to bridge the existing energy gap by building a nationwide, last-mile distribution network that brings Solar Home Systems (SHS) to 70% of the population who have no access to the grid. At the same time NRG Solution aims to empower local communities by raising awareness, educating and employing locals, encouraging local entrepreneurship, and promoting appropriate technologies. The company's management team has a dynamic mix of international engineering expertise and detailed local market knowledge. In addition to a combined experience of more than 20 years in the Cambodian solar market, the Founders helped forge key partnerships with a number of highly-experienced companies and individuals working in the access-to-energy space. This allows NRG Solutions to draw experience from similar enterprises across the world and use their experience and insights to anticipate and navigate potential barriers common to the sector.
What problem are you trying to solve? Who has this problem?
Almost 70% of Cambodia's population is living off the grid. A vast majority of these households use car batteries as their main source of energy. Depending upon usage, these batteries must be charged every 2-5 days in distant diesel generator-powered charging stations. Since these car batteries are not used for the purpose they were designed for, they fail within a year. All these factors make accessing electricity in off-grid areas highly expensive and labor intensive. For the remaining 30% of the population, the cost of grid electricity is also expensive. The electricity tariff can go up to $1/kWh in communities where people piggy-backoff a neighbors connection. The high cost of electricity drives most rural households households to find alternative fuels for lighting, such as kerosene, which emits toxic fumes.
Value Proposition
NRG Solutions' engineers have designed a range of Solar Home Systems (SHS) that meet the needs of off-grid households. By bundling these SHS with energy efficient appliances, the company is able to offer a value proposition that combines high usage and affordability. Simply put, households are able to extract more productivity from energy efficient appliances for the same amount of power and cost. All SHS offered by NRG Solutions have a 2-year warranty and come with free installation, end-user training and structured maintenance plans. By becoming one of only four companies accredited under Good Solar Initiative, NRG Solutions has established a number of strategic partnerships with Micro-Finance Institutions (MFIs). This allows the company to offer end-user financing and access to new markets by building on the trust MFIs have built in their customer networks. The most prominent of these is with VisionFund Cambodia, one of the country's largest MFIs with a vast network of staff and promoters.
  • 426 lanterns and 237 solar home systems will reach off-grid communities across Cambodia, resulting in increased productivity and cost savings worth USD 173,035
  • 2 additional engineered CSP projects will be delivered, electrifying a community of at least 200 individuals in rural cambodia
  • At least 5 unskilled sales staff will receive practical training and start earning dignified, stable income
  • 28,151 metric tons of carbon emissions will be mitigated
Jack Pegler, Operations Manager
Daniel Pacheco, Founder / CEO

Maturity Level
  • Prototyping and Validation
  • Commercial Operations
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