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Energy Efficiency
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USD9,600 - Equity



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Thu, 11/23/2017 - 10:01

ODA Kids Foundation provides healthcare and education for children of the Kalikot region. Kalikot being one of the remotest place of Nepal, the facility lacks grid connectivity, and used to rely on infrequent diesel deliveries to power a generator. In February 2015, SunFarmer made a $7,234 loan to the Oda Kids Foundation in Kalikot, Nepal, where we installed a 2 kW solar energy system for their school and health clinic.
What problem are you trying to solve? Who has this problem?
Previously, the facility didn't have any access to the reliable source of energy. Lack of power results in a disruption of treatment programs, lowering the quality of the service provided by the facility. The foundation used to rely on diesel generator to power the equipment, but couldn't run it for longer duration either due to the expenses and difficulty of obtaining fuel or due the lack of local mechanics for regular maintenance. Selecting an appropriate source of reliable and sustainable energy can help mitigate the challenges inherent in operating a health facility. In a highly unpredictable and unregulated environment such as Nepal, it is difficult to get a quality solar energy system at an affordable price. SunFarmer handle all energy needs from design and engineering, to long-term maintenance - we make sure solar gets done right.
Value Proposition
Solar entrepreneurs are the drivers of the clean energy revolution in the developing world - we provide them with the technical, business, and financial support they need in order to succeed. SunFarmer Nepal has a highly motivated team of best solar engineers and support staff who develop an innovative technology with affordable and accessible financial model. We identify the potential areas of intervention in different parts of Nepal. Based on the identified areas where an intervention with solar could provide a significant upgrade to the health facilities, we design a PV system with affordable financing through power purchase agreement (PPA). Once the system has been installed, SunFarmer visits the site for quality control and finalize commissioning of the system. During the handover phase, we organize training sessions for technical and non-technical person educating them about the newly installed system, general repairs, and how to optimize the use of the system. One of the major parts of the service that we provide is a period of after-sales service which lasts from 2 to 5 years depending on the size of the project. In the PPA projects, the system is also insured for damages from natural disaster, theft, burglary etc.
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 3.1 Tonnes of Carbon Dioxide per year.
  • Creates 10 new jobs during the lifetime on the project.
  • Improves the health conditions of 30,000 people.
  • Out of the total number of beneficiaries of the project, 18,000 are women.
  • Previously, the power source for the facility was diesel generator. With reliable solar energy, there is a drastic reduction in air and noise pollution.

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