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Wed, 10/18/2017 - 17:27

Exchange4solar is India's first financing platform for rooftop and decentralised solar energy solutions. The company aims to accelerate adoption of solar in the country by facilitating finance to rooftop solar projects. The platform provides necessary support and services to banks and HNIs for deploying capital in a portfolio of managed solar projects with mitigated risks. In the future, the company also aims to launch a solar mutual fund to enable HNIs to invest in rooftop solar assets. It also endeavors to drive the growth of Indian solar industry by providing a platform for various market participants to work with each other and thus lead to synergies. This synergy will drive down cost of solar projects thereby leading to higher penetration of the same in the country.
What problem are you trying to solve? Who has this problem?
Some problems or challenges encountered when deciding to buy a solar energy solution are the following: 1. How to find good solar vendors that offer a right solution 2. How to determine the right quality 3. What is the right price to pay for such a system 4. How can one get financing for the system 5. Can one just buy solar power just like buying power from electricity grid without having to invest? What is the lowest tariff rate 6. If the system has to last for 25 long years, what kind of after sales support is available from installer and at what price Challenges to growth of rooftop solar India 1. Lack of effective net metering policies 2. Lack of debt financing 3. High cost of debt financing
Value Proposition
Exchange4solar Financing Platform enables banks and investors to finance/invest in rooftop solar projects at scale in a managed, low-risk environment. This shall accelerate financing to rooftop solar projects. They plan to achieve this by providing banks and investors crucial support services such as (i) sourcing of projects for financing (ii) underwriting of projects and installers for quality (iii) buy-back of financed solar projects under credit default (iv) manage the Operations & Management of the financed solar assets to ensure optimum generation and thus reduce default risk. Above services shall be delivered using software technologies to enhance ease and reduce transaction costs. Exchange4solar financing platform for banks/investors : Scale fast - large deal flow through installer network Low-risk -underwrite technology and installer risks, monitor O&M of projects committed by installer Re-sale support - redeployment of solar asset in case of loan default
  • Reduction of GHG emission
  • Adoption of rooftop solar in India through financing
Sourabh Jain, CEO and Founder

14 years of finance experience in management and sales, banking and solar


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