Unlocking the Bioenergy Potential of Rice Straws

Energy Access, Renewable Energy
Proposed Investment
USD8,000,000 - Equity
USD18,600,000 - Debt



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Wed, 10/18/2017 - 17:30

Bermaco Integrated Green Power Projects Ltd. (BIGPPL) proposes to set up two 12MW biomass power plants in Gaunaha, West Champaran District and Jagdishpur, Bhojpur District. Both districts are located in the state of Bihar. The primary feedstock used by both biomass plants is waste paddy straw, which has no current commercial utilization in the state. Paddy straw bales must have moisture content ranging from 10% to 15% before they are fed into the boiler system. The steam generated is used to power an internal turbine generator, which in turn produces electricity. The boiler capacity is approximately 55-60 tonnes per hour, and the turbine generator has a generation capacity of12MW. Air pollution control equipment such as electrostatic precipitators limit particulate emissions within state-approved levels. The direct voltage output of both plants is 11kV, and will be stepped up to 132 kV to synchronize with the Bihar State Power Holding Company Limited (BSPHCL) grid. BSPHCL will construct a transmission line to connect the grid substation to the two biomass plants.
What problem are you trying to solve? Who has this problem?
The peak availability of electricity in Bihar is around 1,430MW. Presently, only a maximum of about 550MW is met by state-owned power plants. The balance is received as Bihar's share in the central undertakings. Even with conservative estimates, the shortfall in the anticipated peak demand is around 650MW to 700MW. This is expected to rise sharply in the coming years. The two biomass plants are expected to bridge this shortfall during peak demand in the state. The Government of Bihar has a policy for active promotion of private entrepreneurs in the areas of power generation and distribution. In line with the objective of the Government of India to attract private developers towards Non-Conventional Energy Sources, the Government of Bihar has formulated the required policy guidelines for promotional and fiscal incentives to encourage private developers and entrepreneurs for developing non-conventional energy sources. Bihar state has the highest feed-in-tariff for biomass power generation in the country at USD 0.12/kWh.
Value Proposition
Bermaco Group has successfully installed World's First 100% 12MW Paddy Straw based IPP at Patiala District, Punjab, India. It has been operating successfully for past five years. BIGPPL seeks to apply the insights and best practices it gained from the Punjab plant to the two 12MW biomass plants in Bihar. The two biomass plants will be entering into long term fuel supply contract (for period of 20 years) with Punjab Renewable Energy Systems Private Limited (PRESPL), a biomass aggregation and supply company. PRESPL will contractually guarantee both the quantity and quality of biomass supply to the power plants at pre-determined prices. PRESPL is the largest organized player in field of biomass aggregation and supply in the country. It processes more than 1000 MT per day.
  • Annual greenhouse gas mitigated is equivalent to 120,000 CERs per annum
  • Additional jobs created are approximately 540,000 mandays per annum
  • Approximately USD 5.8 million of additional income generated for the rural population in Bihar
  • Reduce the Government of India's reliance on imported fossil fuel
Monish Ahuja, Director
Vini Jagatsingh Ahuja, Director

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