Board approves additional financing for the modernization of the electricity grid in Nepal

The Board, on 20 September approved increased financing of $60 million for the Electricity Grid Modernization Project in Nepal. The additional investments aim to increase electricity consumption per capita to 700 kilowatt hours by 2026 through the expansion of the transmission capacity and distribution networks in the country.
The additional financing will support the construction of 16 kilometers of 132-kilovolt transmission lines from Nepalgunj to Kohalpur and from Chovar to Lagankhel. It will introduce an additional 477 megavolt-amperes of substation capacity through the construction of substations in Dumkibas, Lagankhel, Mulpani, and Nepalgunj.
The Electricity Grid Modernization Project, approved in 2020 is currently automating 34 existing grid substations across Nepal, completing the installation of smart meters in the Kathmandu Valley, upgrading 144 kilometers (km) and constructing 113 km of transmission lines, and establishing an electricity distribution system command and control center.


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