CEFPF donors’ consultation held

The 13th Annual Consultation Meeting for the Clean Energy Financing Partnership Facility (CEFPF) was held on 23 September 2020. Chief Sector Officer and CEFPF Facility Manager Robert Guild in his remarks highlighted CEFPF’s role in promoting clean energy with the fund contributions from the financing partners. Representatives from the Governments of Australia, Japan, Norway, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom attended the meeting and have indicated their continued support for the CEFPF beyond 2020.
Principal Energy Specialist and CEFPF Alternate Facility Manager Kee-Yung Nam discussed the achievements and current progress of CEFPF in terms of the results indicators and the financial status of the trust funds. PAEN Principal Energy Specialist Cindy Tiangco, SAEN Senior Energy Specialist Jaimes Kolantharaj, and SEEN Energy Specialist Florian Kitt each presented the achievements of their projects which feature how CEFPF supported DMCs in adopting renewable energy technologies and energy efficiency measures. The Chief of Energy Sector Group Yongping Zhai provided updates on the review of the 2009 Energy Policy and the ADB Clean Energy Program.
As this year marks the conclusion of the design and monitoring framework targets, the CEFPF needs to set new targets guided by the ADB Strategy 2030, the ADB Clean Energy Program, and the development priorities of the financing partners. The meeting discussion brought out gender mainstreaming, decarbonization, sustainable cooling, smart energy, and digitalization as priorities for the financing partners among others. With support from its partners, the CEFPF will continue to provide financing to help DMCs improve their energy security, access, and mitigate climate change through the use of clean energy.

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