A new energy policy to accelerate Asia’s energy transition

Energy SG’s own Chief, Yongping Zhai provides the rationale and the direction to which the review of the 2009 Energy Policy is going.
In this article delivered in a Q & A format, Yongping explained why ADB is conducting a review of the Energy Policy that has been in place since 2009. Dated as it may be on paper, the Energy Policy remains as relevant as it was when it was formulated more than ten years ago. Its fundamental tenets on renewable energy, energy efficiency, sector governance still ring true and applicable today. However, the contexts have changed since then. There are new global commitments that must be aligned with, focus to emphasize, and as the recent IED evaluation recommended, positions to revisit.
All these will be tackled in the review process that is ongoing. Yongping also presents the timelines and milestones the process will follow. Stakeholder consultations have started. There have been two dialogues conducted with civil society. Bilateral meetings with governments and focused group discussions with international organizations are also in the offing.
Given the complexities and the scope that are on the table, it is hoped that these consultations will sort out a common understanding of issues and common grounds for action among the various stakeholders. For after all, despite the differences in opinions and perspectives, all those that have a stake in the sector are one and united in ensuring a low-carbon, sustainable, and resilient energy system, affordable energy supply, energy security, and energy access for all.


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