World Energy Outlook 2020 to be released this week

The release of the World Energy Outlook 2020 has been scheduled by the International Energy Agency tomorrow, 13 October 2020. This year’s WEO will put the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) at the core of its analysis in its outlook, implications, and prospects for energy around the world.
The long-term horizon in its modeling are maintained but the focus will be given by the WEO 2020 on the next 10 years, looking at the specific impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the energy sector and the near-term actions that could hasten the transition towards clean energy. The analysis will in particular assess the uncertainties brought about by the pandemic on the energy sector vis-à-vis the course and duration of the pandemic and its implications as it also provides an array of options for a sustainable recovery.
The World Energy Outlook 2020 will be circulated to all members of the ADB staff as soon as it is available.

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